Friday, 2 December 2011

Lesson & Reflection 2

English Lesson Plan :

Class                           :   Year 2
Date                            :   4 April 2011
Time                            :   0900-1000 (1 jam)
Enrolment                   :   29 Pupils
Topic                           : MY SCHOOL
Sub-Topic                   :   2.1 Things In My Bag
Teaching Learning      :   Pupils will be able to name, spell and pronounce correctly the name of things    

 Learnin Outcomes     :   By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:

  1. Identifying objects by being able to list down the things found in their bag.
  1. Making associations and connections between the usage of plural and singular in a given sentence.
  1. Collaborating actively with peers in order to get the correct answers.

Teaching Aids:

-          Song’s Lyric  ( What I Have? )
-          Realias  ( pencil, ruler, eraser, sharpener, book and etc.)
-          Powerpoint Presentation, Activity / Exercise Book, Worksheeet

Previous Knowledge:
The pupils know the things that they should and shouldn’t bring to school based on school rules.

Moral Values : The cooperation in group activity.

Teaching Learning Actitivities
Teaching Recourse/

Set Induction
(5 min)

1. Teacher pastes the song’s lyric on the blackboard.

2. Teacher guides pupils to read the song’s lyric.

3. Teacher sings the song once.

4. Teacher asks pupils to sing the song together with the teacher. (At the same time teacher holds the object one by one). 

5. Teacher introduces the topic of the lesson ‘Things In My Bag’.

1. Pupils get ready for the lesson.

2. Pupils read the song’s lyric.

3. Pupils listen to the teacher.

4. Pupils sing the song together with the teacher.

5. Pupils get ready for the next stage of the lesson.

Teaching Aids:

- Singing a song entitle ‘ What I Have?’

(30 min)

1. Teacher asks pupils to open their bags and dig out all the things that they have in their bag.

2. Teacher asks more of what the pupils could find in their bags.

3. Teacher gives various questions in linear context.

4. Teacher distributes texts to all the pupils. 

5. Teacher reads the text once.

6. Teacher drills pupils to read the text in:

a.    Whole Class
b.    Groups
c.    Peers

7. Teacher emphasizes the language content in the text such as a pencil, two pencils and relate it to other nouns to show  the usage of adding the letter ‘s’ and ‘es’.

1. Pupils open their bags and take out the things from their bags one by one.

2. Pupils name the objects that they could find in their bags.

3. Pupils answer the questions given by the teacher.
4. Pupils look through the text.

5. Pupils listen to the teacher.

6. Pupils practice reading the text in:

a.  Whole Class
b.  Groups
c.  Peers

7. Pupils listen to the teacher.

Teaching Aids :

- Questions and
-  Drilling

Values :
- Collaborating
 - Time  Management

(20 min)

1. Teacher distributes the worksheets to the pupils.

2. Teacher gives instructions to the pupils on how to do the exercises given.

3. Teacher guides pupils to do the exercises given.

4. Teacher checks the answers with the pupils.

1. Pupils get ready to do the exercises given.

2. Pupils listen to the teacher’s instructions.

3. Pupils do the exercises given guided by the teacher.

4. Pupils discuss the answers with the teacher.


- Guided Activities

(5 min)

1. Teacher concluded the lesson by conducting a language games in groups of four or five.

1. Pupils involve themselves in the language games in groups.

- Language  
- Questions and 

Lessons strengths

One of my strength for this lesson is my set induction activity. I I have provided singing activity which has attracted their attention for my next teaching process. They also get the ideas of what they are going to learn in this lesson. Other than that, my group activity in my practice stage is also my strength in this lesson because my pupils were enjoying the activity where they need work in group and list down all the things in their school bag. They really enjoy listing all the things that in their bag and share it with their friends. I have allocated time for all the above activities in my teachers' planning and it went as what it have been planned.

Lessons weaknesses

For this lesson, I only have 1 weakness that is my production stage. My worksheets is too simple for my students’ level. I have allocated 20 minutes for them to do the worksheets. But they can finished everything in less in 10 minutes. So , as PLAN B, I gave them extra exercise which I wrote on the whiteboard.

Learning suggestions

For the next lesson, I will be more careful and aware in preparing worksheets for my students. I will make sure their level of learning before I prepare their worksheets. As a teacher also, I must always be prepared on any chance of possibility that will happen during the learning process as what had happen in my lesson.


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