Friday, 2 December 2011

1st Experience of teaching Year 6

This year is my last year teaching at my present school. I have been teaching there for 7 years. I faced a lot of difficulties teaching English to the pupils because English language is not their spoken language. They prefer to use their mother tongue language to communicate with their friends and even the local teacher which came from the same area are speaking using their own mother tongue when communicate with the pupils. They are surrounded by their own language everywhere in the school. In my first year, I was assigned to teach year 6. I was really surprised with the students. 1st lesson, comprehension, out of 52 year 6 students only 2 or 3 can speak proper English when answering my questions. The rest of them just sit down and looked at my face waiting for me to give me the answers. 2nd lesson, writing. Again, I was really-really surprised as this topic like never been learning before. They can’t even write simple sentence based on the picture that has been given. Even if they can, there are lot of grammatical error that I can spot especially simple pronounce he and she. This mean they still don’t know how to use the proper basis pronoun which they have learn in primary 1. 3rd lesson, reading. I found out only 30% of them can read English. So,I have decided to make a diagnostic test based on their reading and writing. After the test, I found out that most of them were struggling to answer the question from paper 2 which is writing because. Then, I divided the class into three groups based on the results obtained from the test which is group 1 (A and B), group 2 (C and D) and group 3 (E and F). I provided different types of exercises for each group, especially for writing. For group 3. I had to use the flash card and pictures cards again because there were still very weak in their English vocabulary. My main objective for this group is that they can recognize, memorize, spell and write simple sentences based on the picture given. This will enable them can answer the question first of two papers. For example; If the picture given showed 2 people eating in a restaurant. They can write, 'There are two people in the picture' or 'There are eating'. I also emphasised on how to answer question 2(a) and 2(b) which is transferring information from the English Paper 2. My target for this group is C for their UPSR. For group 2, I have provided exercises about the same as Group 3 but more challenging compared to Group 3. I am more focused on the use of the use of adjective in their sentence. For example, 'There are two young people in the restaurant'. ‘Young’ is an adjective that describe the ‘two people’ or 'They were eating slowly'. ‘Slowly’ is an adjective that describe the way they eat. For this group, my target is B for their UPSR. For Group 1, I just gave them enrichment exercises emphasized on the use of adjectives and nouns in the use of their sentences. I am very grateful and happy that at the end of the year, I get good results from my students for my subject in their UPSR, where out of 52, 45 of them passed the subject.


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