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Lesson & Reflection 1


Subject                : English Language
Date                      : 2nd March 2010
Time                      : 9.40-10.40 a.m
Class                     : 3 Maju
Enrolment           : 22
Topic                     : Story Time
Sub topic             : Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Theme                   : World of Knowledge
Focus Skills        : Listening and Speaking
Skills :
1.3 Acquire vocabulary and understand the meaning of words and phrases  context.
1.5 Obtain information from texts listened to in relation to main ideas, specific details and sequence.
1.7 Listen to and enjoy stories, fables, and other tales of imagination and fantasy and predict outcomes and draw conclusion, at a level suited to the pupils ability.
Level / Sub-skills :
1.3.1 Listen to key words in stories and text heard and demonstrate understanding by pointing to pictures.
1.7.1 Listen to and enjoy stories, fables and predict outcome, and draw conclusions at a level suited to the pupils ability.
2.5.1 Talk about the people, places and moral values of the stories heard, read and viewed in simple language.
2.6.2 State whether one likes or does not like the story heard or read.
Previous Knowledge     :Pupils have heard this story..
Learning Outcomes       : By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:
i) Recognize ten characters in the story.
ii) Understand the story.

Vocabulary                          : ago, fairy tales, characters, surprise, dopey, sleepy, bashful, grumpy, happy, witch, Prince
Moral Values                      : humility
Teaching and
Learning resources        : PowerPoint slide presentation, videos, song and Worksheet

Teaching Learning Activities :
  1. Set Induction   : pictures of dwarfs and word cards. ( 5 minutes )
  2. Activities          : slide show – story telling
  3. Practice           : labels the character
  4. Production       : enrichment
  5. Closure           : sing along

Teaching And Learning Activities:

Set induction
(5 minutes)
Dwarfs’ pictures
1.  Teacher shows pictures of seven dwarfs.
2.  Teacher ask question :
·         What is a ‘dwarf?’
·         Why are they called dwarf?
·How many dwarfs you can see in the picture?
·What is the title for a fairy tales where you can see 7 dwarfs in it?

3.  Teacher asks them to rearrange the word cards to get the title of the fairy tale.
Teaching Aids
Word card
Presentation Activity 1
(20 minutes)
Fairy tales story ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’
1.  Teacher asks pupils to gather around teacher to hear a story.
2.  Teacher shows a slide show and teach pupils to sing a simple song :
Ssss…be quiet
Please sit down
Listen, listen, listen

3.  Teacher asks the student to sing the song with teacher.
4.  Teacher shows the slides of a ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarf’ fairy tales and tells the story. 

Teaching Aids
Slide show
( 15 minutes )
Labels the character

1.  Teacher shows characters in the story with their description.
2.  Teacher asks pupils to answer questions from worksheet containing the characters from the story and indentify it.
3.  Teacher asks volunteers to give their answer.
4.  Teacher discusses the answer with pupils and the reasoning for the answer.
5.  Teacher asks who is their favorites characters and why.
6.  Teacher asks pupils to paste the worksheet in their exercise book.
Teaching Aids
1.  Worksheet
2.  Slide show
3.  Exercise book
(15 minutes)
1.  Teacher asks pupils to arrange the pictures given in the slide show.
2.  Teacher asks volunteers to number the pictures .
3.  Teacher asks moral values in the story
Teaching Aids
1.  Slide show

( 5 minutes )
Song a long
1.  Teacher plays the videos with lyric and asks pupils to sing it.



My strength in this lesson is that I have been using interesting and colorful pictures, videos and songs for this lesson. These teaching tools also attracted my students’ attention during the teaching and learning process and thus helped me in my learning objectives. They seem eager to answer my questions and discuss the characters that they saw in the story I showed to them. Therefore, my class during the learning process was under controlled and the lesson went smoothly. Other than that, I also was giving them clear and simple questions when it comes to the questioning stage. I also gave each of them opportunity to answer my questions so that they will have opportunity to give their own answers. Although, not all of them were able to answer my question using the proper English, they still tried to answer even using BM. Lastly, I also discussed about some moral values in the story with them and guided them how to apply the values in their daily life

Weaknesses :
My first weakness is my time management. I have set the time for each stage but I cannot run successfully. I have to skip my closure because I don’t have enough time anymore. This is because I spent a lot of time in the questioning and discussion stage. My other weakness is my set induction. I found out that I have failed to attract my students during the set induction as what a set induction supposed to be. They only started to attract in my lesson during the presentation stage when I asked them to come in front and sing a song before watch the story.


After listing all my strengths and weaknesses in his lesson, I realized that I need to improve all my weaknesses so that I can provide more effectives teaching learning process fir the next lesson. I will provide activities that according to the time allocated for each stages to avoid from the time redundant problem. I will also provides an interesting and attractive 5 minutes activity for the set induction as what it suppose to be. A set induction is a vital component in an English class because from the set induction, I can lure or attract the students towards my lesson and make my lesson more meaningful. Without a good set induction, my lesson may not be as interesting and comprehensible for my students.


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